I’m in ‘ull!

Okay, I fell off the blogging train. Sorry not sorry!

Last autumn I upped and moved over the Humber into Hull. It’s a friendly, laid back kind of city – it’s the kind of hipster chic that Calgary neighbourhoods spend a lot of money and effort trying to imitate. Old brick industrial buildings converted into hip art spaces (Humber Street), old pubs full of brass knick knacks and ancient regulars, live music of all sorts every weekend, several awesome museums and some delightful parks . . .

I’ve been meaning to update with some City of Culture reviews. Living in Hull for 2017 has been rad – cool events, wicked happenings, nonstop culture and I’m taking full advantage of it. What’s been really fascinating is the local reaction – at first there was a kind of skepticism, but as time has progressed and we’ve seen some truly world class events (and some boring, shrug-worthy ones too) I hear more and more positive comments.
The reaction to my presence has changed as well over the past few months (“You moved to HULL? From CANADA? But why?!?” has shifted into “Yeah, we are a friendly bunch, hope you enjoy Hull however long you stay!”). So anecdotally, yeah, there has been a real infusion of vitality because of the City of Culture title, and the arts funding & infrastructure improvements that have accompanied it. I love these conversations with locals – and even with Southerners (starts with “Why Hull?” and moves on to how it’s their first visit and it’s much nicer than they expected).I like Hull. Sure, there are downsides, and I’m sure I’ll rant about those another day. But I’m here, and I plan to stay a time.


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