Brigg Garden Centre

When I think Garden Centre, I think of a plant nursery. A place to visit in spring to get the garden ready for planting. Here in the UK, they are much more than that, not only in terms of offering other products like housewares and pet supplies, but also as a day out. Many have a play area for kids and a cafe or restaurant. Brigg Garden Centre has a huge Christmas display, so we went on a trip a few weeks ago to get into the festive spirit.

This cheerful looking fellow is set up just inside the entrance.

In fact, there is an entire floor dedicated to Christmas decorations and displays, with sections organized by themes like Country Christmas, Christmas Ballroom, Silver Elegance, and Christmas…Circus?

Country Christmas is very chic this year. I should have brought more plaid from home, where it’s less than half the price.
Father Christmas or Banff Hitchhiker: who can say?

It was fun seeing lots of weird and wacky Christmas ideas, like Christmas meets Phantom of the Opera.

Masquerade! Hide your face so the world will never find you!
I’ll be Gnome for Christmas.
And of course, the traditional Christmas elephant acrobats.
This dancing tree looks like he’s ready to rumble.

And of course, lots of lights. Twinkling lights, strobe lights, neon lights…


After a delicious lunch – sorry, dinner – we explored the downstairs. There was more Christmas to be had, with an animatronic Christmas Caroling Polar Bear Band, and a train ride to take kids to visit Santa.

However, I particularly enjoyed the life size animal statues.

All the cute, none of the poop.

And a visit to Brigg wouldn’t be complete without seeing the massive gorilla.


Yes, Brigg Garden Centre definitely got me feeling especially Holiday Cheerful. It was a fun day out, and it gave us lots of decorating inspiration (such as homemade Felt Robins).

Happy Holidays!


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