How-to: Felt Christmas Robin

It’s a windy, grey Saturday in December, so I thought what I needed was a craft.

Looks-like-homemade decorations are in fashion at the moment, but why pay £4 for felt robins when I can do it myself, spend less money, and be entertained in the process? Simple things for simple minds, they say!


I think it’s delightfully amateur. And it took less than 15 minutes.

What you need:
3 pieces of felt: red, yellow, brown (30p/sheet at Boyes)
White glue
Black marker
Round object for tracing (I used my 1L water bottle)

IMG_20151205_1310398131. Trace your round shape onto the brown felt.  Add a triangle for the tail.

2. Cut out these round figures. I cut around the outside of the marker lines so it was easier to trim away imperfections.


3. Trace a quarter circle around the edge of your round object onto the red felt to make the breast. I freehanded the second side to close the shape.

4. Cut out the breasts and glue onto the brown body.


(at this point I got swept up in the excitement and forgot that I’m pretending to be a knowledgeable craft blogger. So no pictures for the following steps.)

5. Cut out a yellow triangle. I just used the corner of the felt, then trimmed it until I felt it was appropriately beakish.

6. Cut out a brown wing. I freehanded this shape with the excess brown felt. Think swoop and flutter and you will imbue the felt with the quality of flight.

7. Glue the beak and the wing to your robin’s body. Add two black eyes with your marker.



I made four robins and pasted them on a silver ribbon to hang on the wall. You could also loop individual ribbon lengths to make ornaments, if that’s more your thing. Or google “felt christmas robin” and find better instructions and maybe even a template. I prefer to eyeball something, make up my own directions, and then declare CLOSE ENOUGH!

I haven’t felt this accomplished since I made a glitter pinecone ornament in kindergarten.


Festive decor achieved!


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