Coffee in Cleethorpes

A good cup of coffee is hard to find in Cleethorpes.

I was spoiled for choice of great locally roasted coffee in Calgary, particularly living in the hipster neighbourhood of Mission. And even at the cheapest of dirty gas stations, at least there’s usually a brewed coffee station to grab on the go. In England instant is the norm.

Instant coffee is not coffee.

Until now, I’ve been going to Costa, which is a kind of Starbucks equivalent. Decent coffee. Okay baked goods. Pre-made sandwiches if the hunger situation is dire. Or to the Beach, which has mediocre coffee and pathetic food, but has the most terrific view of the sea.

While normally I get an americano or flat black, the holiday advertising convinced me I needed to try a Gingerbread and Cream Latte at Costa. It looked gorgeous. The little gingerbread man on the top was tasty. But it was so sweet I could feel the toothrot set in (and wound up with stomach cramps).

Costa Gingerbread Latte. Nice presentation, not so nice flavour.

But now there’s a new coffee shop in town.

Riverhead Coffee is a local shop in Grimsby. They make tasty, quality coffee and have amazing loose leaf teas as well (the Moroccan Mint is my favourite tea, with a nice strong flavour). Plus they make yummy bagel sandwiches and a great baked sweet potato with feta and spinach.

This week they opened a second location in Cleethorpes. Ten minutes from my door. Good coffee within reach whenever I want it… my wallet’s in trouble.

The store has limited seating, but the bright, colourful interior is  welcoming. There’s a bar along the window where you can sip tea and look at the sea. I plan on installing myself there as often as possible to work – and by work I mean people watch while sipping a flat black.

Today I went in and tried their gingerbread latte. Perfect balance of coffee and milk, and the gingerbread added spice, not sweetness. Exactly how I like it.

Riverhead Coffee’s Gingerbread Lattes.

The coffee snob in me is satisfied. I hope that they do well in their great new location – it’s a nice spot for grabbing a coffee on the go, and it’s definitely the best cup in Cleethorpes. I’m a fan.


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