Having fun isn’t hard…

When you’ve got a library card!

Aw yeah, 20 book borrowing limit!
Aw yeah, 20 book borrowing limit!

To get my card, I of course needed to provide proof of address. Easily accomplished! The whole process took under five minutes with a friendly librarian.

And now I have endless free entertainment at my disposal.

Library Books

Libraries are amazing. A library card is always one of the first things I acquire when I move somewhere new, both because I love reading and because I believe strongly in public access to information. I spent so much time growing up browsing the shelves and borrowing books from the Oakville Public Library; at one point I was able to claim that I had read every horse-related book that the library had on offer. The movement from the downstairs children’s section to the upstairs adult books was a right of passage that enabled me to discover new genres, like science fiction and biography, not to mention some of the authors that I still enjoy to this day (and some that I can no longer read without cringing; taste develops through wide and varied reading practices over time).

As an undergraduate student I worked at my college library, a job that I enjoyed so much that I still wonder if I should become a librarian. Although I still have flashbacks to the time we reorganized all the stacks to make room for new books, and to find lost and mis-shelved books, and I dreamed in call numbers for weeks…

I particularly appreciate how the Cleethorpes Library has protected all of their books – hardcover and paperback alike – with plastic slipcovers. I wonder how much this little touch extends the life of a book?


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